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Bismarck Diocese

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Welcome to the Bismarck Diocese training hub

  •         This system will assist you with the required and option training(s) for your identified organization and your individual role and category

  •         If you have done training in the past and setup an account you will use the same user name and password. Please click the “Sign-In” tab in the right corner of this screen. We ask you to please also review that your location and your individual role and category are accurate as those items are key to the trainings you can access.

  •         If you are new to training please register to setup an account. Use the area to the right to begin; complete the required boxes. We ask that you review that your location, role and category are accurate to your entity and your responsibilities. 

Please complete all required fields.  Your information is confidential and will not be used for any marketing. 

If you would like to get updates when training requirements are available, please include your email.

Please select the parish or school you are primarily associated with.

Next select your general role within the Diocese.

The last step is to select the description of what you will be doing at your parish or school.

Reference the Hierarchical Categories listed below to determine your category.

Choose the upper most category that applies to you and your entity responsibilities

  •        Pastor / Parochial Administrator

  •         Parish Administrator

  •         Driving Administrator – Administrator for all entity drivers

  •         Employee

  •         Parish Leader – Trustee, Finance Council president, etc.

  •         Driver – Parent or Parishioner who assists with necessary ministry-based driving

  •         Volunteer 

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